[Adventures Of Wisely] Hair —Chapter 2 #Ni Kuang

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Chapter 2: A cellar that cannot have any light

Inside the house, there was only about 200 square feet. And it looked like a small temple. In the center of the house, was a boulder, equally flat. On the boulder, there was a dark and grotesque object. Around the boulder, there was a lot of incense, all burned out. Four rough tile urns stood in the four corners of the boulder, with oil in them and lamp cores on fire. The light I saw was emitted from these four lights.

What makes me stunned was: What is this place? Is it a temple? The strangely-shaped object on the boulder definitely didn’t look like a god. Nepalese worship Buddhism. Although there are some Buddhist statues with weird shapes, they wouldn’t look like the shape of the object on the boulder. However, the incense around the boulder clearly proved that the object on the boulder was for worship!

I was originally a person with extremely strong curiosity. Even though I had a mission at this moment and had to fight for every minute of my journey, I still felt extremely interested in this thing on the boulder.

I touched my pocket and the small camera I carried with me was still there. I took out the camera and took a dozen photos from various angles. When the light of the flashing light shone on that object, there were several places on the object that gave off strong reflections.

After taking the photos, I climbed up the boulder and tried to study the unknown object.

Since this object would have an extremely close relationship with my future adventures and the incredible things that would happen to me, it is necessary to describe it in detail now.

It is not easy to describe the object. Unfortunately, my camera and photos were lost in one of the dangerous incidents that would happen in the next few days. If the photos weren’t lost, I wouldn’t need to spend time writing now, and you could just see the whole picture of that strange object from the photos.

The object was irregular — absolutely irregular, with almost no symmetrical parts at all. It was six feet high, and the most prominent part was in the middle. It was a spherical projection. The round projection looked like Maitreya Buddha’s belly at first glance. But because the other parts had nothing similar to the Buddha statue, I was sure that it was not a Buddha statue, but just an unknown object.

Above and below the sphere, there were all overlapping stacks of irregular metals. The irregular shape looked like smashed cars made by some Western Impressionist sculptors. It also looked like a ton of tin melted and poured into cold water. It’s indescribable.

In such a pile of metal, there were several metal round pipes sticking out. The round pipes were hollow, and they had obviously been broken by some rough force. Some of them were flat and some were cracked. In such an inexplicable pile of metal, the ball with a diameter of about three feet was very smooth on the surface, which is naturally eye-catching. I tried to reach out and push it. The ball was movable, but only in a small magnitude. I tried to push the whole thing, but it wouldn’t move.

This was really a very strange experience. There were no one in the visible range, and I was facing such a strange object in such a strange, temple-like hut!

After pushing the object, I tried to remove something from it, but it didn’t work. I checked again the places where the light was reflected when I took the photo. Each of those places was no bigger than the size of a palm, they were a very smooth surface with dark light, and I couldn’t tell what they were. One of them was at the bottom. Since I was standing on the big rock, I naturally had to bend down to look at it. And just as I was watching, I suddenly heard angry shouts from several people behind me. Before I could straighten up, I had a heavy blow on the back of the head.

I had received strict Chinese martial arts training. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to attack me behind my back. But at that time, the thing in front of me was so peculiar that I was looking at it with all my heart, trying to figure out what it was. And there was no one nearby. I was sure that no one had opened the door of the stone house. I didn’t know where the person who attacked me came from! So I could not avoid this blow. And the strength of this blow was so heavy that in an instant, before I could feel the pain, I fainted. When I felt the extreme tingling, it was after fainting and waking up again.

I didn’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up again, there was a sharp tingling at the back of my head, which made me open my mouth widely and wanted to shout. But I did not yell out. Because as soon as I woke up, I heard a very rough and angry cry.

Did I hear this shout first, or did I open my eyes first and see the total darkness in front of me? I couldn’t remember clearly afterwards. I only remembered the severe pain at the back of the head, and then my eyes and ears returned to normal and saw darkness.

Just as I was thinking about who the old man was shouting at and what he meant by his shouting, I heard another person’s voice. His voice was full of fear: “I have never stolen the holy thing! You wronged me! I have never stolen the holy thing!”

As soon as this person’s voice came into my ears, I couldn’t help being stunned! This person’s voice sounded very familiar, I must have heard it at some time, but for a while, I couldn’t remember. But when I wanted to concentrate and think about it, the back of my head felt a sharp pain. I had to slowly stretch my hand to the painful place. When my hand touched the back of the head, it was a large wet and sticky patch. This was a heavy blow. I may have shed a lot of blood.

The old man was still shouting: “If you didn’t steal the holy thing, then who did?”

The voice said: “I don’t know. I really didn’t! I was wronged.”

Although I didn’t recognize who the voice belonged to, I sighed in my heart because I was almost certain that the person was lying!

When a person is lying, no matter how cleverly he hides it or how impassioned he pretends, people with experience can always tell immediately. This person was lying. It seemed that the old man’s accusation against this man was right, and this man had indeed stolen the “holy thing”.

While I was thinking, I tried my best to connect what I heard so far with my own experiences, but I realized that it had nothing to do with me. Then, why did I get hit hard?

At this moment, the old man’s voice suddenly softened, and he sighed: “Bain, it’s not that I suspect you. But our clan, until now, it’s only me and you. Our clan has an extremely sacred mission, you know that!”

In an instant, my heart suddenly brightened, and I remembered! Bain! I had heard the name of this Nepalese. He was the one who stopped my jeep halfway and peddled antiques to me while speaking English!

At the time, I still didn’t know why this happened to me, and the old man’s words sounded difficult to understand. Nepal is an ancient country, and all ancient peoples have their own legends. Bain and the old man might belong to a clan with only two people left. They were talking about their own clan. I didn’t think I could understand.

Bain said: “Yes, I know. I knew since I was a child!”

The old man said: “That’s good. I believe you. But there is indeed one piece missing. You really didn’t steal it?”

In the darkness, I heard Bain’s voice rustling inhalation. “Of course it’s not me. you see, an outsider broke in. Maybe he stole it. He stole before and now he stole the second time!”

In an instant, I couldn’t hold my anger. I had heard that Bain was lying. And he peddled antiques to me. What he called “real antiques” may be the “holy thing” the old man said. Now he was so despicable to accuse me. This damn guy! I had decided to respond. While I was thinking, things suddenly changed dramatically.

I still couldn’t see anything, but the voice in the dark sounded very clear. I heard the old man sighing again, followed by two slight “pats”, like the old man tapped Bain’s shoulder twice. It seemed that the old man believed what Bain was saying.

At this moment, I was about to yell loudly to expose Bain’s lies. Just as I opened my mouth, suddenly, I heard the old man make a stern cry. Then, there was the sound of Bain’s involuntary panting, and the sound of his staggering backward footsteps. The old man yelled and screamed, but his voice got weaker and weaker. It was clear that he was seriously injured. Telling from Bain’s panicking gasps, the old man’s injuries were obviously caused by Bain!

In the darkness, I couldn’t exactly understand what harm was done to the old man, but it was most likely that Bain had stabbed the old man by surprise! This sudden change really shocked me inexplicably. I regarded Bain as a cunning person, but I never thought he could be so cruel!

This change made me reassess my situation. Bain killed the old man. He would not care about killing one more person. Of course I wouldn’t let him do it so easily, but now I didn’t even know where I was. It was more advantageous to continue pretending to be unconscious and not waking up!

I controlled my breathing and tried not to make any noises. I could only hear the breathing of the old man and Bain alternate in the dark, and the old man’s breath gradually weakened. Then, with a long sigh, the old man opened his mouth in a trembling voice: “Bain, you killed me! You stole the holy thing!”

Bain did not answer, but his breath became more urgent. The old man’s trembling voice continued: “Bain… you must return the holy thing. You are the only one of us now. You…the responsibility… heavy. You must take the holy thing back!”

The old man didn’t mean to blame Bain. Instead, he kept reminding Bain of his “responsibility”. When I was just wondering how weird this sounded, I suddenly heard Bain yell like crazy: “I can’t find it! I have already sold it to other people! I will not look for it either. I will figure out how many holy artifacts there are in total, and I will sell them one by one!”

The old man’s joints made a “gege” sound, and screamed: “No! You can’t…you can’t…”

Bain’s voice was gradually moving closer, obviously he was walking forward, his voice sounded like teeth gritting: “I can! After you die, everything here is mine. I can, and I must!”

The old man uttered a desperate call, followed by a long gasp, and then said: “Bain, whatever you want. Anyway, it has been so many years. Whatever you like, but… you must not… let any light… get in… you must remember, there must be absolutely no… light…”

His voice became weaker and weaker. In the end, he was only repeating the word “light”. Finally, he let out his last breath and died!

At that moment, I felt extremely weird!

The old man didn’t seem to care about his own death, and neither about Bain’s insistence on selling all the “holy things”. But what he didn’t forget before dying was that there must be no light here. Why? What is it? Why can’t there be light? If there is light, what will be the result?

While thinking quickly, I reached out and touched the ground lightly. The stones felt very rough. It looked like a cellar here. So why can’t there be light in a cellar?

I didn’t continue thinking about it because Bain’s harsh laughter interrupted my thoughts. Bain laughed for two minutes before I heard the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

The sound gradually faded away. When it went about twenty feet away from me, I heard “creak” sound of door opening. It was still dark in front of me, but it quieted down sharply.

I guessed Bain had dragged the old man’s body out through a door. I hurriedly stood up and stepped backward. I opened my arms and moved slowly in order to avoid bumping into things in the dark.

Where I was seemed empty. After I stepped back about ten feet, my back touched the stone wall. I touched it with my backhand. It was very rough. My first guess seemed to be correct: I was in a cellar.

I calmed myself down. The stinging pain at the back of my head was still intense. I thought Bain would definitely come back. In order to deal with him, I had to figure out the topography of this place. I checked my pocket. The lighter was still there, and I took it out immediately. The moment I got the lighter in my hand, as soon as I pressed down, I suddenly remembered the warning of the old man when he was dying, must not let any light in! Absolutely not!

I never understood why there can be no light here, but the tone of the old man when he was dying convinced me that if there was light here, it would definitely cause a great disaster. When I thought of this, my finger on the lighter, involuntarily, let go. When I decided later to take a look using the lighter, there was no more time. I heard the door opening and Bain’s steps coming closer.

Bain had already disposed of the old man’s body, and now he was back. He might think that I had never woken up.

I waited, holding my breath, listening to the sound of Bain’s footsteps going back and forth. I stood against the rock wall, listening to Bain murmuring curses. Five minutes later, the opportunity I was waiting for finally came. I heard Bain’s footsteps at a distance I could reach. I stretched out my hand, first slashed with a palm, and then reached out and grabbed. It felt like I caught one of his arms.

Bain yelled immediately. His yelling gave me a precise target. I threw a punch and hit him on the head. His body immediately softened. I held his head and dragged him forward. I heard the sound of the door opening and closing twice a moment ago, so I remembered the direction. I dragged him out with seven or eight steps, reached out and touched an extremely smooth surface. I stretched out my hand and pushed it. Sure enough, it was a door that could be pushed open. I walked out of the door, and it was still dark outside. I walked forward ten steps, and felt that I was walking up in an obliquely upward corridor. After a few steps, I stepped onto the first stone, and then about another twenty stones. At the end of the stone stairs, I opened another door and saw the light.

The light I saw was very faint, but it was enough for people who had just come out of the extreme darkness. What I saw was a candlelight, and through the light, I saw a stone chamber about two hundred square feet. Like the stone house I walked into before the attack, it was made out of very neat and smooth stones. And there were stone steps that led upwards. I saw a half burned candle placed on the floor. Not far from the candlelight was a dead man, dressed in traditional Nepalese clothing. He was very old and had a Nepalese machete inserted in his chest. Of course, it was the old man.

When I arrived in this stone room, I released my hand, letting Bain’s head hit the ground hard. “Boom!” Then I tore off a piece of my new cloth and tightened it around the wound at the back of my head.

At that moment, Bain also woke up. He opened his eyes and looked at me with extreme fear.

His reaction was also very quick. Once he saw me, he didn’t even stand up, he put his hands on the ground, fell and fled. Seeing him evading in such embarrassment, I thought he was afraid of killing people and revealing his conspiracy. However, Bain’s next actions were completely beyond my expectations.

After moving away from me for about ten feet, his gaze fixated on me, pressing his hands on the ground and slowly standing up. His expression was still extremely horrified, but he opened his mouth, and his words stuttered a bit, in the dialect of Nepal. “You… are you alive? Why do you look so terrifying? After you came back, why do you still look like this…”

I was taken aback. I believed that under such circumstances, no one would understand what Bain was talking about, and I was no exception. And because of his nonsense, I didn’t know how to deal with him for a while. I stood there, then I shouted: “Bain, you killed someone!”

With a stern expression, I stared at him and pointed to the old man’s body. I thought no matter how cunning a murderer is, facing my accusations, he should be panicking!

But Bain’s reaction was still very strange. Suddenly, he showed an expression that was really indescribable. The expression seemed like he had an unsolvable mystery in his heart and suddenly had an answer. His expression was more of excitement than fear. He actually ignored my accusations of murder against him. Instead, he reached out his hand and pointed at me, screaming: “You… where did you shine the light?”

By this time, I was really stunned. Bain’s words didn’t sound like he was intentionally changing the subject, and I really thought that I had “made light out there.” “There” was naturally the place where he killed. That was, the place where the deceased emphasized that there must be no light before he died!

In an instant, my thoughts were so confused that I didn’t know what action to take against him. And just at this moment, Bain let out a loud cry, turned around and rushed up the stone steps!

It was rather easy for me to deal with this. I yelled and ran up as well. Bain ran very fast. Short Nepalese who are accustomed to living in the mountains like him can move extremely fast. I tried my best to catch up. When he ran up to the stone stairs, I also ran up. The stone steps continued upwards, passing by the same stone houses one after another, at least more than seven of them.

At this time, I was really indescribable surprised. Those stone chambers seemed to be at least hundreds of years old. The construction project was so vast. It was hard to imagine how people who only had simple tools built those stone chambers layer by layer!

Bain was fast, but I slowed down due to the sharp pain at the back of the head. I gritted my teeth and followed closely. After rushing out of the last stone room, I came to a stone room that looked like a temple but was not a temple. Bain immediately rushed out of the door, and I instantly chased after.

As soon as I left the door and arrived on flat ground, Bain moved faster. Because of the severe pain at the back of my head, many times I really wanted to give up. I didn’t know how far I had run. In the dark wilderness, Bain and I ran after each other, until a car drove in front of me, and I started to yell. Strangely, Bain also started to yell. Two people jumped out of the car. They looked like tourists. They obviously didn’t understand what Bain was saying. I panted and ran forward, shouting, “Grab him! He is a murderer! Catch him!”

As soon as the two heard my call, they stretched out their arms and grabbed Bain. At this moment, I also saw clearly that the two who got out of the car were Europeans. They were very tall. As soon as Bain was caught by them, he switched to English and shouted at me, “Don’t listen to him! He is no longer a human! He is not a human!”

After chasing for at least an hour, enduring extreme pain, and then hearing Bain’s nonsense, I couldn’t bear it. I rushed over, slammed my fist, punched him in the cheek, and he calmed down.

The two Europeans stopped me and refused to let me continue any more. I panted, “Please take me to the hospital and hand this murderer over to the police station. I can testify that he killed someone!”

The two Europeans worked very well together. I learned later that they were members of a mountain climbing team. But because these two had nothing to do with the future development of the story, they are omitted here.

The two men escorted Bain into the car. Bain’s expression was still very strange. He obviously didn’t mind his murder charges at all, but looked at me with a very strange expression.

At dawn, when we arrived in Kathmandu, they took me to the hospital first. When I arrived in the hospital, I saw the mirror and was shocked. It turned out that the wound on the back of my head was much heavier than I thought, and the blood flowed over my face. Bloodstains, after drying, turned to ochre red, which looked terrifying. Originally, I was puzzled by Bain’s peculiar reaction, but when I saw my reflection, I thought it was probably because my bloody appearance was too horrible, so Bain had a strange reaction.

I was sown eight stitches at the back of my head by the doctor. The doctor insisted that I stay in the hospital, but I insisted on being discharged. The doctor couldn’t help but release me from the hospital. Back at the hotel, I was exhausted and fell on the bed, before I could sort out my experiences, I fell asleep!

There may have been tranquilizers in the medicine the doctor gave me, so I slept for a very long time. When I woke up, my spirit recovered. I first stretched out my hand and pressed at the back of my head. The pain had eased. Then, I opened my eyes. After I opened my eyes at that time, I really didn’t think I was awake, but thought I was still dreaming, because the scene before my eyes was really unbelievable! I saw a total of twenty soldiers with very distinctive uniforms in my room. There were also two officers with gorgeous uniforms standing in front of my bed. Among the two officers, there stood a middle-aged man dressed in traditional Nepalese clothes, very elegantly decorated. At first glance, he should be a fairly high-ranking middle-aged man.

Think about it, the room in my hotel was not big. When I fell asleep, there was only one person. After I woke up, there were so many people in front of me. How could I not think I was dreaming?

I flipped my lips and made some meaningless murmurs. When I was about to lie down again, the middle-aged man had already taken a step forward and came to my bed and said to me politely: “I’m sorry to disturb you. We have been waiting for you to wake up!”

I was in a daze. I stretched out my hand to touch the slightly convex belly of the middle-aged man, which meant that, indeed, there was a person standing in front of my bed. Since this person was real, of course the rest of the officers and soldiers were also real! This was not a dream! But it was more weird than a dream. I settled down. I didn’t know what was happening, but I could be sure of one thing: those people were not malicious to me. I sighed: “What is this? Is it the traditional etiquette of the Nepalese to worship visitors? Your Excellency──”

The middle-aged man rubbed his hands and looked very sorry: “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, Mr. Wei, there is a very high-ranking person who wants to see you. He sent me to invite you. He must be anxious now. Can he see you as soon as possible?”

I stayed still for a while. The first impression that the middle-aged man gave me was that his status was very high, and now he was only sent by someone else. Then, who was going to see me? When the middle-aged man mentioned that person, his tone was very respectful, but he obviously intentionally avoided mentioning his identity. Since the other party sent so many people to invite me, I thought I couldn’t refuse.

And the curiosity in my heart had reached its peak: Why do some prominent figures want to see me?

As I got out of bed, I jokingly stretched out my hand and patted the middle-aged man on the shoulder: “Who wants to see me? Is that your king?”

I really said it casually, but as soon as I said those words, the middle-aged man had a sharp shock, and the officers and soldiers behind him also stood at attention with serious expressions.

I was taken aback by their actions, I knew right away, I got it right! This is incredible. The King of Nepal wants to see me. Why?

Seeing those people in the room showed such respect because I mentioned the king, I was embarrassed to ask more. And at this time, I could also be sure, no wonder the uniforms of these soldiers were so distinctive. They must be the king’s imperial army, and the middle-aged man was mostly a senior official.

I washed my face, but the gauze on my head could not be removed, so I had to tie it down, put on my clothes, and went downstairs with them. Everyone in the hotel lobby looked at us with very surprised eyes.

Entering the luxury car parked in front of the hotel, the middle-aged man was sitting next to me. I was thinking: The king wants to see me. Is it because I caught a murderer for their country? Maybe there are very few murders here, so if you catch a murderer, you can get an appointment with the king? If it was for this reason, then the king should have received me twice, as I at least knew of another murderer: the one who stabbed Boley into his heart and killed him!

The car swiftly drove to the palace, and in a short while, it drove into the forbidden cordon. The guards along the way saluted when they saw the car approaching. The car drove into the palace building before it stopped.



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